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Embarking on a Challenge: the best electric motor ever

Highlands Power was created to serve a single purpose: to help reduce the cost of electrified travel so anyone could afford an EV. Whether its a small company wanting to make their delivery route emission free or help a commuter get rid of their monthly gas bill, we believe everyone deserves the change to go electric.

To help catalyze the adoption of electric transportation, Highlands has developed a new electric motor architecture that will significantly reduce cost, complexity and inefficiency in EV drivetrains. The motor, called the S-ONE, will produce enough torque that a gearbox will not be necessary to power a vehicle. The new form factor will also allow the motor to be stacked together to create any power output necessary. This, in addition to higher material efficiency and a lower unit cost allows the S-ONE to compete with even the most commercialized motors on the market. Combining all of these benefits into one drive unit is what all EV manufacturers have been asking for, and that is what Highlands is able to provide.

We are also partnering with one of the leading research institutes in Germany to develop the manufacturing and assembly processes necessary to construct the S-ONE in volume. Their team has decades of automotive manufacturing experience that will speed up the development process for both the prototype and volume production motors. Highlands is incredibly excited about such a tight partnership between the U.S. Silicon Valley and Germany during the development process.

This blog will be where we keep everyone up to date on the progress of design, manufacturing, assembly and testing of our first prototype units. The next few months will be intense, adventurous and stressful, but we will be creating the next generation of electric drive trains that will help us get off oil. I can't think of a bigger opportunity to get excited about than that.