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Highlands S-ONE prototype motor is approaching Completion

Highlands Power is nearing completion of its first traction motor, the S-ONE, and is scheduled to begin testing in May 2017.

Begun in October 2016, the project was undertaken in collaboration with one of Germany’s most reputable automotive research centers and has engineering centers in Silicon Valley and Europe.

Over 10 automotive suppliers and OEMs are awaiting one of the 25 prototype motors to be built by Highlands for benchtop and in-vehicle testing.

The first motors will undergo considerable verification, with in-vehicle trials held soon after. A comprehensive report of the S-ONE’s performance will be given to all potential customers, partners and investors after the testing phase has concluded.

A total of five prototypes will be constructed by June 2017. Three of these units have already been committed to partners for in-vehicle testing as well as evaluation for high-volume manufacturing.

Even at this early stage the S-ONE will deliver impressive performance. Peak torque is estimated at 1,000 Nm with an 80kW peak power rating, all with a total weight of under 30kg. Such high torque levels have never been seen in a motor so light, and carry huge benefits for vehicle manufacturers. The high torque and low speed of the motor eliminate the need for a gearbox in the vehicle, further simplifying the drivetrain design.

In parallel to the prototype testing, Highland’s team has already started design work that will result in the motor’s first production version. These manufacturing purposed modifications are expected to further increase the performance characteristics of the motor, while at the same time reduce its production cost. Weight is expected to be further reduced to 26.5 kg, while peak torque and power are expected to increase to 1,300 Nm and 90 kW respectively.


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