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S-ONE first detailed simulations results show an incredible achievement

After months of effort, Highlands Power has completed the design simulation and manufacturing analysis for the next iteration of the S-ONE traction motor. The results of both teams returned extremely positive, further confirming a record breaking traction motor can also be made in high volume.

The results of the S-ONE design is an impressive 80kw peak power with an astounding 1000NM peak torque rating, shattering the industry average figures by over 5x. To put this into context, the motor will produce the same torque as two V8 pickup trucks in the same space as a few gallons of milk!

The manufacturing team has also concluded the design will be easier to construct and assemble than conventional motor designs at both low and high volumes. Active material usage is significantly lower than average, leading to lower total material cost. Novel, but proven, manufacturing techniques will be necessary to bring the S-ONE to market, but should dramatically shrink assembly time and equipment overhead even during production ramp up. The total drivetrain to the end customer will be lower while maintaining high gross margins for Highlands.

We are incredibly proud of the accomplishments the team has made, their work has proven EV innovation can be more than just batteries or autonomous driving. Highlands will continue to develop the S-ONE to help bring sustainable transportation from a niche industry to one that is accessible to everyone.

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